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Episode 55 features Business Growth Expert, Mark Green. Had a tremendous conversation with Mark about his journey and how his passion for helping others led him to coach CEO’s and other business executives. Mark shares many stories that can help aspiring entrepreneurs, business owners, and future executives how to look at their personal and professional situations and take the necessary steps to evolve and get better. Mark recently launched his 1st book, Activators: A CEO’s Guide to Clearer Thinking and Getting Things Done (link below). I hope you all enjoy the conversation and are able to gather a few takeaways to help you on your own journey!

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About Mark:

I am a speaker, author and business growth expert who works with business leaders to help them implement a proven, easy-to-use framework to run and grow the firm faster and more profitably, while expending less effort and less time.

Our clients are CEOs with $50-400 million in revenue who are stuck in the “Growth Trap” (more on the Growth Trap: Already successful, they are obsessed with creating growth, but cannot predictably generate the growth, financial, or quality of life results they want through their organization.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could implement a proven, sustainable, straightforward framework to run and grow the business faster, more profitably, expending less effort and less time?

That’s exactly what we help our clients do! Here are a few reasons our clients choose us:

1. We have a comprehensive, proven, straightforward approach to permanently overcome the root causes ( of the “Growth Trap.”

2. We implement crisp accountability and organizational alignment – fast.

3. The results are measurable.

4. We have a satisfaction guarantee and a “short pay” guarantee to lower risk and ensure a return on investment.

We seek referrals to business leaders who are:

1. Open to new ideas that drive profitable growth, or

2. Frustrated that they are in the “Growth Trap,” or

3. Tired of hiring great people who, over time, fail to deliver, or

4 Seeking real, sustainable behavioral change and improved performance

We are a Certified Coaching Partner with Gravitas Impact Premium Coaches (formerly Gazelles International). I am a member of the Global Core Advisory Team for Gravitas Impact Premium Coaches, the Master Trainer for practice development and a Coach / Mentor for other coaches worldwide.


+ Strategic & business planning

+ Executive & team coaching

+ Scaling Businesses using the Four Decisions™ Methodologies

+ Sales force hiring, evaluation & development

+ Keynote presentations


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