EPISODE 152: Emotional Intelligence Coach for World-Class Leaders

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Episode 152 features Keye Lage, an Emotional Intelligence Coach who helps extraordinary people who already achieve ‘impossible’ goals to achieve what still looks ‘impossible’ to them.

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About Keyen:

Keyen Lage is a former NFL Athlete turned Emotional Intelligence Coach for World-Class Leaders.

After almost becoming paralyzed during a football injury in the National Football League, Keyen was able to start his new journey by looking at life from a completely new perspective. He dove headfirst into understanding what it actually means to live a life of fulfillment while achieving success along the way.

Since making that decision, Keyen has personally worked with over 300 people on creating a healthy relationship with themselves so they are able to escape the rat race of the achievement loop and step into a place of achieving massive success, impact, and money from a place of ease. He helps entrepreneurs, and business owners regain a deeper connection with themselves to find more fulfillment in their lives. Keyen has worked with World-Class Fitness Models, Professional Athletes, Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs, & C-Suite Executives. Keyen works with people all over the world on being able to remove mental, emotional, & physical blockages that are preventing them from reaching their full potential.

He helps extraordinary people who already achieve ‘impossible’ goals to achieve what still looks ‘impossible’ to them.


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