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Episode 5 features Raleigh Coaching Academy Founder Kathleen O’Grady. Kathleen has used a lot of experiences early in her life to fuel her coaching business and help transform the lives of the people she works with. Her Heart-based leadership coaching philosophy and passion around authenticity fuels her day-to-day work and she is truly a pleasure to speak with and learn from.

We cover the gamet of topics focusing around taking the leap of faith, personal transformation, career advice, and what’s up next for her business.

This episode is a perfect example of having belief in yourself and understanding the true nature of who you are as a person and then turning that into a thriving business to help others.

I think you all will enjoy this interview and learn a lot from Kathleen.

About Kathleen O’Grady

Before recognizing her calling to be a professional coach, Kathleen spent years wondering who she was and where she belonged. Like many, she looked to others to tell her… and was continuously misled and disappointed. When she started listening to her own inner authentic voice, it was music to her ears! Now she and her colleagues make a living helping others to listen to their own inner music. Coaching is not simply Kathleen’s profession, it is her life’s purpose. She was fortunate to have discovered this at a younger age than most, and is therefore inspired to help others find theirs.

As Authentic Leadership Coaches, Kathleen and her dynamic team act as catalysts for people to discover, rediscover, and embrace their unique genius. They always do their best to lead by example to show others that they can be whomever they choose to be, at any given moment. Raleigh Coaching stands for the belief that we all possess unlimited potential, and that it is our individual responsibility to do what we love and find ways to be financially rewarded in the process.

You can find Kathleen online:

Website – https://www.raleighcoaching.com/

Linkedin –  https://www.linkedin.com/in/kathleenogradyleadershipcoach/

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/raleighcoachingacademy/

Twitter – https://twitter.com/RaleighCoaching


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