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Episode 50 was a blast to be speaking with Certified Executive Coach, Jackie Serviss. Jackie has had quite an interesting journey throughout her life from coming up through the ranks of competitive swimming, to scaling up the corporate ladder, to having her life turned upside down by a medical diagnosis. It’s all come full circle and now she is helping other individuals see their potential and perform at their best.

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HEY! I’m Jackie. A former Corporate Executive turned Coach with a passion to optimize human potential. In today’s rapid paced environment, our ability to have real & authentic conversations is limited. In fact, as humans we often move through our days on autopilot thinking the same thoughts, creating the same experiences and having the same results.

The majority of our conditioned behaviours and thought patterns leave us determined to gain success, happiness and recognition outside of ourselves. Believing that the new car, job title or relationship will create our fulfillment and happiness. We seek recognition and approval from society, communities, parents, friends and loved ones – yet we live a life with internal chaos, high levels of stress, often feeling overwhelmed and anxious. That’s where I come in.

Bringing conscious awareness to the limiting belief systems and conditioned behaviours will allow you to shift your perspective and make empowered choices. As a coach, I use a hybrid approach leveraging my background in Corporate Human Resource, Executive Coaching, Neuroscience and Spirituality to create forward momentum for those that are feeling stuck. Each program is designed to meet you in your current reality and is focused on quieting the mind, simplifying life, creating realistic boundaries and clear action plans.


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