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Episode 67 features the Fennell Family – Jennaye (Parent/Mother), Jiyah (15), Jace (11), Merl (10). I met this family at the Next Gen Summit and was impressed with their mission, work ethic, and positive attitude. The fact that all of them, especially the kids, have published books and are continuing to create great content goes to show that age really doesn’t matter and what matters most is bringing a positive mindset and strong work ethic to each and every day and never giving up!

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About the Fennell Family:

An adventurous, loving family of strong faith that believes in the motto, “LIVE LIFE to the FULLEST!”

Currently featuring 3 young siblings; Jiyah 15, Jace 11, Merl 10 and Jennaye an inspirational mother that are authors of an AMAZING unique book series, professional face painters, speakers, rappers, podcasters, travelers with an inspirational cartoon!

Jiyah Fennell – 15-year old author

Jiyah started face painting when she was only 9 years old. She has painted for celebrities and she teaches face painting to other children to become entrepreneurs. Her first book, Princess Jiyah’s Face Painting Fairytale demonstrates her painting skills and teaches positive character traits. 

Jace Fennell – 11-year old author

Jacewas just 9 years old when he wrote his first book, Journey through Hawaii with Jace. He later wrote his second book, Journey through Cuba with Jace. He is an honor roll student in his 5th grade class and an inspiration to many. 

Merl Fennell – 10-year old author

Merl began his writing career when he was just 8 years old. He has written 2 books in the family series, Journey through Texas with Merl and Journey through New Orleans with Merl. The books can be read over 25 different ways, teaches learning concepts such as the alphabet, counting in English and Spanish, rhyming, and includes family pictures. 


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