EPISODE 248: Creator and Facilitator of the Lead With WHY Workshop

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Episode 248 features Catherine Lash, Creator, and facilitator of the Lead With WHY Workshop.

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About Catherine:

I envision a world where we are free of self-judgment, trust the process, and create for others.

I have over 20 years of lived experience as a solopreneur. During those years I based my self-worth on the financial success of my business. This not only limited the growth of my business it placed limits on all aspects of my life. It determined where I showed up, how I showed up, what I created and how I shared it.

Self-worth is measured by the value we give to others and it is driven by a clear WHY (purpose).

My journey to my WHY was the most valuable part of the process. I now measure my worth not by money or fame but by the value, I bring to others. I have a good sense of who I am at my natural best and know the actions I need to take when in a struggle.

I have created the Lead With WHY Workshop so others can immerse themselves in the process of finding their WHY, start creating value for others, and most importantly, feel worthy every step of the way.

My WHY: To inspirit self-leadership so we can live our best life.


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