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Had a phenomenal conversation with Case Kenny on Episode 29 of the Just Get Started Podcast.

We get into an interesting conversation around his life and journey into growing his media company and we discuss the background of his company and how using the thought around “perspective” is ideal for growing yourself and becoming fulfilled in life.  His consistency in putting out great content has helped him grow his audience to hundreds of thousands of readers and become a regular top 50 iTunes Podcast in just a few short months of starting it.

One of the things I enjoy about Case is how raw he is when speaking.  He believes what he says and isn’t afraid to share his opinions of the world and offer advice where he feels it could help others.  Putting yourself out there and being vulnerable can be difficult but once you build your confidence and understand that your voice can help motivate and inspire others it’s cool to see what can happen.  Enjoyed the chance to get to know Case a bit and know you all will enjoy this episode.

About Case Kenny:

Hi! My name is Case Kenny (@case.kenny) and I created the PRSUIT email to feed your soul..

With PRSUIT I share my no-BS perspective on all the things that make you human – your sense of self, confidence, optimism, mindfulness and so much more.

I call myself a “dudebroguy” because I’m just a guy who’s living his life. I’m not a coach, guru or more enlightened than the average person.

BUT I’m also a guy who knows that growth and fulfillment comes when you push yourself to be uncomfortable, try new things and live life from your heart.

With the email, I rely on my own life experiences to help you live your best life. That might include personal awkward stories, times I terribly embarrassed myself or silly jokes I love to tell that apparently aren’t that funny (*shrugs).

I do this to help you find your life’s truth – a truth that is so much more than living a normal, comfortable and expected life. Your truth is always pushing yourself to search for what lights you up inside — people, places, interests and passions.

Join me Mondays and Friday and you’ll find yourself saying to yourself…

PS: I also host a podcast by the same name. Check it out on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

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