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Episode 341 features Ben Miller, Founder of ChroniFI, and someone who is passionate about personal finance and reallocating human capital to its highest and best use.

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Ben is the Founder of ChroniFI, passionate about personal finance and reallocating human capital to its highest and best use. He built a system to solve his own problem and figure out when he could move on from trading derivatives to building his own company. He is now using that same system to help others make decisions that are better aligned with their goals and values by understanding their money in terms of time.

ChroniFI helps people simplify their finances by understanding their finances in terms of time. With that simplicity in hand, users are empowered to confidently make better decisions that actually align with their values and goals. People have real and personal questions, like “Do I have enough?” “When will I have enough?,” or “Can I afford to do the work that I love?” ChroniFI helps a user understand these answers within the context of his or her own life, and then zero in on the behaviors that can help that person make progress toward that ideal life while enjoying every step along the way.

Ben’s oldest daughter (then 2 years old, now 6 years old) told Ben her favorite thing to do was to walk on the grass. ChroniFI grew out of Ben’s quest to give her some grass on which to walk.


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