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Episode 314 features Ben Knegendorf, the Co-Founder of Dropship Breakthru, where they help you build an ecommerce business in the next 30 days

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About Ben:

I was 29 when I realized that if I kept driving a Walmart distribution center forklift for another year, I was gonna blow my brains out. It was May 5, 2014. I stole an extra bathroom break (risking — gasp! — a disciplinary write-up) and tapped out a note on my phone. That wasn’t the first time I’d had to kick my own ass. (And it definitely wasn’t the last.)

Since that day, I’ve:

Bought & flipped random estate-sale crap on eBay
Dropshipped pellet grills & accessories
Eliminated $40,000+ of personal debt
Rebuilt (and sold) an online 3D printer store from the ground up
Exited an adult coloring book business via Amazon FBA
Sold tiny house products
Become a partner in a high-tech standing desk business
Created more courses & podcasts than I can count
More recently, I founded a pet health company and exited a business that I helped take from $1 to $11M in annual revenue within just 2.5 years.

Take that, forklift.

Now I help driven eCommerce entrepreneurs as they get to the next level of their business — whatever that looks like
Look, I’m not the first person to say this — but if you have a good idea, you treat people well, and you’re willing, to be honest with yourself and your customers, then you can build something massively successful.

I also believe that virtually all businesses can scale. So there’s no limit on the size of the impact you can make.


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