My Now

This is my “Now” page inspired by Derek Sivers. I’ll be posting periodic updates of what’s happening in my life in case my mom needed something more real-time.

Summer ’22

It’s getting crazy hot in the Carolinas! Here’s a bit about where things are at in my world…

Health & Wellness: After the CrossFit Open finished up in March I’ve been prioritizing a lot of accessory work with my normal workouts. I’ve been doing a lot of the work prescribed by Ben Patrick (@kneesovertoesguy) and it’s made a world of difference. Excited to see what happens after months of doing this work. Here’s a link to his website: and he’s all over Instagram and Youtube.

Morning Routine: As the weather has warmed, I’ve added back morning Yoga to my morning routine as the first thing I do when I wake up. I’ve been missing this type of training to begin the day and it’s helped me feel more limber and energized to start the day. I really had no good reason for pausing it during the winter and my excuse had been that it was extremely cold in my garage where I am doing the yoga. I’ll need to make some adjustments for next winter as I wanted to keep this up consistently throughout the year. If you wanted to read/listen to my Morning Routine, here is an article I wrote about it.

2nd Children’s Book: “The Magically Magnificent Mysterious Mind” has launched! Amazing that a couple of months have passed since the book launched and I’ve been overwhelmed with the response; from texts to videos, to great reviews on Amazon, the impact that this book is having on kids (and the adults!) has been incredible. The book is all about creating a positive mindset to bring happiness to ourselves and the world. If you’d like to support me in this endeavor you can buy the book here – for your family or others, leave a 5-star review on Amazon, share the link on your social networks or anything else creative you can think of. As a self-published author, I certainly appreciate anything you could do!

Sales Consulting: I’ve begun to start working with a few entrepreneurs/business owners to help them sharper their sales skills and increase their revenue while eliminating a lot of the wasted steps in the sales process. I have always enjoyed coaching going back to my golf instruction days and to be able to help people who are nervous or timid about selling has been really cool. You can learn more about my sales consulting here.

Thanks again for visiting and taking an interest and always love to catch up with folks even more so feel free to drop a line in my contact form or on the socials and we can try and connect further.

Carpe Diem!