My Now

This is my “Now” page inspired by Derek Sivers. I’ll be posting periodic updates of what’s happening in my life in case my mom needed something more real-time.

Autumn / 2021

Entering the beautiful fall weather time here in the Carolinas. Here’s a bit about where things are at in my world…

Health & Wellness: I’ve been recommitting myself to building muscle and a better foundation to be more active with the ambitions of trying more challenging endeavors like a Tough Mudder or Spartan Race or doing another CrossFit Competition. With that, I’ve ramped up my workout intensity and have been putting more time into CrossFit. Additionally, a big key is focusing on my nutrition and making sure I am eating the right things at the right time. This will continue to be a part of the process heading toward the end of 2021.

Coaching: I am finishing up my Just Get Started Coaching Programs and am about to launch those this fall. I’ve been working on these for quite a while and now it’s time to put this out into the world and help empower more people to get on the road to happiness.

2nd Children’s Book: I’m working on the illustrations for my 2nd Children’s book which doesn’t have an official launch date yet but I’m thinking early 2022 to allow time for a better launch strategy and get it in the hands of some young readers for final critiques and feedback.

Morning Routine: I’ve worked hard over the past few years on my bedtime routine which I share here – – but now I am trying to focus on a better morning routine. Currently, I am waking up at 7 am, doing 10-30 minutes of yoga/flexibility, and then having some coffee and quieting my mind before going into the craziness of the day. This is always a work in progress but I’ve found tremendous benefit from the last 2-3 months doing it this way.

Thanks again for visiting and taking an interest and always love to catch up with folks even more so feel free to drop a line in my contact form and we can try and connect further.

Carpe Diem!