My Now

This is my “Now” page inspired by the Tim Ferriss Show Podcast I listened to with Derek Sivers. I’ll be posting periodic updates of what’s happening in my life in case my mom needed something more real-time.

Autumn / 2020

Winter is coming! It’s starting to feel a lot crisper in the morning and we are getting some gorgeous low humidity days in the Carolinas. The cold will eventually be here but we’ll enjoy the gorgeous fall weather while we have it. I hope you all are doing well as we still get through this Pandemic coupled with Election season, Virtual Schooling and figuring our which hoodie to wear to your next Zoom work meeting. Here’s a bit about where things are at in my world…

Fitness: CrossFit is back and I have made a return to the Box! Not as much as I’d like given parenting and work commitments but slowly working my way back. Although I’ve enjoyed leaning out a bit and the home workouts I am definitely excited to throw some weight around and build my strength back to pre-pandemic levels.

Podcast: Podcast has been humming with some wonderful guests and some great new learnings. Heck, I may even have a new Podcast coming out as we roll into 2021. We shall see but a lot of cool stuff on that front and hope you all are getting a lot of value out of the guests and topics.

Children’s Book: Getting close! Luke’s First Round of Golf is starting to appear like reality. It’s been slow for a while but starting to see the finish line a bit and the anticipated launch date is the week of November 9th to coincide with Masters Week! Excited to share this when its out and the journey to get from start to finish.

Sales Book: I may some commitments to myself to work on this Sales book idea I’ve had and currently have over 40k words written with the plan to publish sometime in the early part of 2021. It’s been a cool journey going through the writing process over the past 3 months and definitely more to come on this!

This is definitely a trying time in our world and we are all in different spots with different struggles. I always take a glass half full approach when possible and I feel there is a tremendous opportunity to stay focused on the positive and move in the direction of what will make you happy for the long term. We all have the choice to live the most fulfilling and happiest lives we want and you have to take the first step in the right direction in order to do it.

Thanks again for visiting and taking an interest and always love to catch up with folks even more so feel free to drop a line in my contact form and we can try and connect further.

Carpe Diem!