My Now

This is my “Now” page inspired by Derek Sivers. I’ll be posting periodic updates of what’s happening in my life in case my mom needed something more real-time.

Summer ’23

Here’s a bit about where things are at in my world…

Health & Wellness: I just completed my 3rd CrossFit competition and my first one competing in the “RX” division which is the highest level of difficulty. I wouldn’t consider myself an RX athlete in all of the movements but it was a boost of confidence to get out of my comfort zone and try something much more challenging. It’s a testament to mindset and perseverance and something anyone can use as a catalyst to push the limits of what they are capable of.

Just Get Started Podcast: Excited for the back half of 2023 with the Podcast. I’ve always enjoyed doing the show but I’ve fallen in love with it again and have a ton of excitement around the conversations I’ve been having and continuing to share stories to inspire and spark change in others. Haven’t checked it out yet? Here’s a link to Seth Godin’s 2nd Appearance on the show.

3rd Children’s Book: It’s written and now the illustration process needs to begin. I’ll have to figure out how I prioritize this over the next few months but my goal will be to launch sometime in 2024! Stay tuned…

The Sunday Starter Newsletter: I’m adding a big new piece of content to Just Get Started and it’s in the form of a newsletter. I enjoy reading tactical and practical advice on how to accomplish things so I’m doing that with this newsletter. Each week will be an opportunity to expose an area we are all familiar with like Mindset, Ideation, Procrastination, etc, and break it down into simple steps to understand it better. Subscribe here -> The Sunday Starter Newsletter

Thanks again for visiting and taking an interest in some of the things I am keeping energized with! I always enjoy catching up with folks so feel free to drop me a line in my contact form or on the socials and we can try to connect further.

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