Molly Dare Hillenbrand (Ep.69) – Founder of hillenBRAND Media

September 3, 2019

Episode 69 features the Founder of hillenBRAND Media, Molly Dare Hillenbrand. Had a wonderful discussion with this “late bloomer” entrepreneur who shares the ups and downs of her journey and how she has been able to grow her brand and the brand of others.

Some topics we discuss are:

  • Being a “late bloomer” to entrepreneurship
  • Studying Psychology in College
  • Working on Wall Street
  • Handling Divorce
  • Opening her Children’s Store
  • Being vulnerable online
  • Starting hillenBRAND Media
  • Being a participant on Social Movement TV docuseries (launches Summer of 2020 on Amazon Prime/iTunes)

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About Molly:

Molly is known for her fun and outgoing presence on camera as well as being a PR powerhouse! Founder of hillenBRAND Media, she focuses on PR for brands and businesses all over the world. 

Molly hails from Princeton, New Jersey and has called both New York City and Chicago home before moving to South Florida in 2016. She started her professional career at Goldman Sachs in NYC, moved on to the PR world in the music industry and after her two beautiful children were born she opened two successful luxury children’s clothing stores in NJ and Chicago.

Her greatest love is her two children and she is a passionate philanthropist spending many years fundraising for Operation Smile and on numerous committees for local charities.

Molly is a staple in the south Florida social scene while dividing her time between South Florida and Chicago for her role as TV Host for both Eye on South Florida and Eye On Chicago. – always on the hunt to bring you the best of the best in up and coming brands, businesses and people.


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