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The Just Get Started Podcast has been a thrill to do all these years and I am always excited to meet new people and hear their unique stories. Everybody has one or many “getting started” moments that have been impactful in their lives and need to be shared with the world. I am excited to invite you to the show and have you share your story! See below for more details so you are prepared for the conversation.

Prior To Recording

There a few things we need prior to recording and this information can be submitted in the form at the bottom:

High Resolution, Clear Color Headshot – Make sure it is larger than 1500×1500 at minimum (example to right)
A Professional Title (ex. Founder of X)
A Small Paragraph Bio (~200 words minimum)
Links To Socials (I’ll share these in the show notes)
Anything You Are Trying To Promote (This helps me weave into the convo)

My One Ask:

I ask very little of my guests that come on the Podcast and I do have only One Request, and that is, to drop a written review on Apple or give it a 5-star rating on Spotify! This helps the show perform better and gets your interview in front of more people.

Go ahead and leave the review now with this link on Apple: Leave A Review or on the Spotify mobile app here (just under the main image you’ll see a star-rating): Leave a Rating on Spotify

John Colaneri Profile Headshot

(Pictured: John Colaneri / Episode 120 Guest)

What To Expect During The Podcast

We are aiming for about 30-40 minutes of conversation and we always use Zoom unless otherwise agreed upon or communicated.

I’ll be sharing the Zoom link in the calendar invite along with some potential questions we’ll weave into the conversation for you to be able to prepare prior / jot notes to have by your side to help in the discussion.

We’ll spend the first few minutes saying hello and making sure everything is set up and ready to go. My goal is that you sound phenomenal and can be heard clearly when published.

A couple of suggestions that would be preferred to help the quality:

  • Please use a microphone. There are so many out there and if you plan to do more podcasts it’s a must. Audio quality is everything! Here is the microphone I used for over 4-years and it is simple to set up – Yeti Blue Mic on Amazon
  • Make sure you have a strong internet connection
  • Please be in a quiet area
  • Find a carpeted room and the smaller the better
  • Put your phone on Do Not Disturb and exit out of other browser windows to avoid notifications/pop-up noises
  • I do record both Audio AND Video and will use the video as necessary for promotion.

The bulk of the conversation will have us focused on your “getting started” moment. What was a catalyst for change in your life to get you on the path you are now? Although we may go on some tangents the audience wants to hear the depths of your story and how you were able to overcome adversity, self-limiting beliefs, and naysayers and move forward in a positive direction.

Please feel free to bring up any topic you wish that is relevant to the conversation – treat this as a conversation we’d have in a coffee shop, except it’s recorded.

The time flies. If there is anything you want to cover, promote, or humblebrag – please mention that in the form below or bring it up prior to recording.

After The Show

Once the podcast is over we can chat for a few minutes if there is time and I’ll share a few details on when it will launch and anything additional I might need from a promotion standpoint.

I will follow up via email once I’m ready to post the podcast. There will be a link to your dedicated page on my website along with guest graphics that can be used to post online. I batch record episodes and typically they launch within 2-3 months after recording unless otherwise discussed.

Feel free to share the interview in your newsletter, on your social channels, and post it on your website, etc. Your audience will enjoy that you’ve been featured on a Podcast and want to learn more about your unique journey and things you might not have shared with them before. Feel free to tag me in any posts – I’m @brianondrako on every social channel.

Guest Information

Thank you for being a future guest on the show. I want to make sure that I represent you and your personal brand appropriately on all my distribution channels.

In an effort to do that I ask that all guests complete this short form – it helps to insure that your information is correct.

Review On Apple Podcasts

If you enjoy this episode I’d be grateful if you would leave a 5-star review on Apple Podcasts, if you believe I’ve earned it.  Thanks for listening!