Hey ya’ll…..Here is a quick way to pick up a couple miles per hour of swing speed to add a few yards to your game.

All you need for this is your driver!

1.  Start by setting up to the ball normally

2.  When your set, flip the club upside down so the grip end is near the ball and you are holding the club slightly under the clubhead.

3.  Now, make 8-10 swings over the ball and slowly increase your speed from one swing to the next

4.  Then hit a couple of balls with the club turned the correct way

Do this 3 or 4 times during your practices and in a few weeks you’ll start to see some results.  This is meant to relax your body slightly and make you focus more on a smooth swing.

Conversely, you could use a weighted club and get similar results by building up some of the muscles you swing with.  The whole idea is to start shaping the swing with more relaxed repetitive swings rather than trying to hit the Happy Gilmore 400-yard drive.

Let me know if ya’ll have anymore questions on how to improve your swing using weights and other stretching techniques.

Take Care.