I come to you on another breezy day here in Raleigh, NC but starting to warm into the normal spring weather. Good news is that April is just around the corner and the warmer weather shouldn’t be far behind. Anytime the Masters is close it makes us all giddy for our golf. I wanted to briefly inform you about some new things that are going on with my golf instruction that will surely be a benefit to your game this year and beyond.

New and Improved Website: As most of you know I have been changing my web page around yearly to make it more user friendly and informative. This year I will be adding a variety of different video lessons and tips that you can view from the website but also on your smart phones if you choose to. I will still be “blogging” periodically and adding written notes and tips but the video will be a lot quicker to thumb through and help you improve your game faster! The NEW website template will be up shortly and all updates should be done by April 1st. Continue to check back!

New State-of-the-Art 1200 fps (frame per second) video camera: This camera is one of a kind and can capture your swing perfectly so that we can see the club at any position without sacrificing the quality. This camera will help us look more closely at problem areas and will give you a better visual during our instruction sessions.

Addition of V1 Branded Academy/Personal Locker Room: I have upgraded my video analysis software to V1 Pro and have added a new feature that they just developed called the “Branded Academy”. This enables me to record a lesson review of your golf swing using helpful lines/circles, audio instructions, pro swings, and even add drills to the video. After I record that video for you, you will receive an email from me and be able to log into your Locker Room from my website. This gives you the opportunity to see all past lesson reviews I have sent and you can view them right on your smart phone as your out on the practice range. Having this capability will give you instant access to a lesson review whenever you would like.

Check out the section called “Online Academy” to view a sample video.

Please feel free to contact me for more information on these topics and your feedback is always appreciated.

Thank you for your continued patronage and trust in me with your golf game!

Look forward to seeing you in 2010!