Spring is almost here and before you go tanking it full throttle on the course, make sure you get out a couple times to practice and freshen up those muscles.

Here are a few tips to challenge you as your trying to get back from the winter hibernation….

1.  On the putting green, make a circle with 5 tees that are all 3 feet away from the hole.  Try to go around the circle 4 times without missing (thats 20 in a row) this will help you shake off some nerves from those testy lag putts you may leave short early in the season as the greens tend to be slightly slower.

2.  Put a tee 30 feet away from the hole and try to get 20 in a row inside that 3 foot circle you already have in the ground (see #1).  Again, 20 in a row to help your lag putting

3. Walk off the chipping green about 10 yards away from a hole and practice your bump and run shots.  Try to hit them all within a 3 foot circle.  These will be vital as the season begins because your swing mechanics might be a little rusty and you will miss some greens.

Anyone starting to notice a trend here?

4. Lastly, go back about 30 yards and try to hit a few pitch shots on the green.  Again, try to hit it within 3 feet but at least inside a 10 foot zone would be nice.  This way you have some chance to make the putt.

Instead of beating balls for an hour this is another way you can tone up your game for the season.  Most people do not put enough emphasis on their short game.  Practice the short game early in the season and then you can merely maintain it throughout.  You will shoot lower scores and piss your playing partners off more than you ever have.  It’s always fun to get up and down on the last hole to claim a victory in your Sunday Nassau game, isn’t it?

If you are having trouble with your short game and need some advice don’t hesitate to contact me and we can walk through it together.  Email me at Brian@OndrakoGolf.com

Have a great day, you deserve it!