JR picPerseverance can be overlooked from time to time. We see a top player succeed and sometimes think, “hey that’s pretty easy, this guy has got it made.” When we reflect further we find out that these top players were once beginners, were once struggling golfers. Sometimes, even AFTER they turned Professional.

Take Justin Rose for example. He burst out onto the scene as a wide-eyed 17 year old and captured our hearts by famously holing out on the 72nd hole in the ’98 British Open to finish tied for 4th. What most casual golf fans don’t realize was that after he turned professional he missed 21 straight cuts. He struggled big time. Going back and forth to European Tour Qualifying School over the next several years.

Everybody has that turning point at one time or another whether it be golf or at another situation in life. Some players never get to that point as they give up much too soon. Rose decided he was going to be a great player and knew it in his heart that he had the grit and determination to accomplish his goals.

Fast-forward to Sunday of the 2013 U.S. Open and we all got to witness the poise and focused mind of this champion golfer. Rose played rock solid throughout the entire day and especially when the pressure was on during the final few holes. This is something that all golfers can learn from. Golfers trying to improve their game need to take a page from Justin and stick it out through the hard times. Often, most players give up way too soon and try the next great tip, or change equipment, or find a new instructor that they believe has the “magic potion”.

Ask any really good player how many times they have struggled while trying to achieve their goals and ALL of them will reference a time, probably more than one. Get out of your head about it, suck it up, and keep moving forward.  It may seem like that rainbow will never appear through the stormy days but I promise it will in one way or another.

Enjoy this great game because there are a lot of worse things in life than hitting a poor golf shot. Keep a positive mind about it and you’ll see better days ahead.