What are you doing to better your golf game today?  At this very moment.  Now for some that may be unrealistic if your working a full time job but could you still be helping your hand in the office?

The answer, of course, is yes.

I stress fitness, nutrition, and practice regularly and it applies here as well. 

Did you drink a coffee this morning or did you opt for the nutritious alternative of a veggie egg white omelet?

Are you going to go out for a big lunch and half a brewski to take the stress of the day away or will you do a 30 minute jog and eat a turkey sandwich you brought to lunch?

How will you spend the evening?  Will you sit in front of the tv to see what reality star blows up next or do you read a book?

These questions may seem simple but what happens is we let days and weeks pass by without thinking about it and before we know it we have wasted valueable time and know we are less flexible and maybe added a couple pounds.

The idea that needs to be stressed is to have a plan of attack each day or week and stick to it no matter how difficult.  You will be shocked how much better your quality of life and your golf game become.