Here’s some advice when your on the golf course that I learned a long time ago from my Uncle Bill, a PGA Member and former Tour Player.

Analyze the hole that you are playing and the shot you would like to play before you plug a tee in the ground.

If you are playing a dogleg left and are trying to hit a draw around the corner then tee up your ball on the left side of the tee box.  Conversly, if you trying to hit a fade for a dogleg right then tee the ball up on the right side of the tee box.

This leaves a lot of area and room to work the ball in case a mishit happens.  Most players will double-cross themselves in these situations so if you leave yourself room for the mishit it can still work out.  Plus, you can visualize the hole for a draw a lot easier from the left side of the box.

Remember: Analyze the hole set-up and the shot you want to hit before you tee the ball up.  Then, use your judgement as to which side of the tee box to use.  Don’t just toss the ball in the center of the box.  Strategy will open you up to use your mishits more often and if you hit it how you want then the ball is in perfect position!

Great Golfing everyone.  Keep up the practice!