Pre-shot routine is never taken seriously…..especially on the range.  If you can practice your pre-shot routine effectively on the range then it will take pressure off of your game when you’re on the course and in the heat of the battle.  Here are some tips for an effective routine.

Brian’s 10 Commandments for Pre-shot Routine:

  1. Pick your target
  2. Pick a shot shape to hit
  3. Choose a club
  4. Visualize your target
  5. Pick a point a foot or 2 in front of the ball on the target line (easier to align to a closer target)
  6. Take your grip
  7. Step into the address position and place the clubface behind the ball square to the target
  8. Set your feet and body
  9. Take one last look at the target in the distance
  10. Fire at will!

Keys to remember:

–          Be confident with your target choice

–          Trust your set-up and swing

–          When in doubt, back off of the shot and start over

Remember, this is a routine….if you practice it on the range it will free you up more on the golf course.  Try it yourself and be creative.    Let me know if you need further assistance.  Take care.