As the winter nears to a close and the days are slowly getting longer and the weather is in the midst of warming up I am often asked by my student’s this question “How do I get ready for the upcoming golf season.”  The best answer I can give you is to work on your fitness.  The golf swing is important, of course, but during this time when your not playing alot and maybe doing other activities with family and friends, it is an ideal time to work on your strength and flexibility.  I hear too many stories of golfers stepping onto the first tee after a winter lay-off and pulling a muscle because they havn’t been used for sometime.  Don’t make that mistake as the season is beginiing.  Be ready for it by using a few suggestions I have listed below.
1. If you are a member of a gym, don’t hesitate to ask your fitness director for a couple of stretches or exercises to prepare you for the upcoming golf season.  They are there to help you so use them as a resource.
2.  Get involved in an aerobics, pilates, or yoga class (Guys, you can do these too!  I have been doing pilates for several months now and have seen an incredible difference in my golf game.  It works!
3. Search the internet or get a fitness book.  The internet is filled with websites to help you workout better like or to name a few.  Pick a few exercises you like and do them at home or in your local gym.
4.  If it’s warm…..Go hit some golf balls!  I know it’s the offseason but coming out a couple of times during the winter to stretch, practice, and work on some swing ailments will only build your thirst for the upcoming season.  You know you can always ask me any questions you have regarding your game.  I’m here to help.
It doesn’t matter what you do and this is just a short list of things that can help you have better strength and flexibility as you step onto the first tee this spring.  Be ready to play great golf!