Wow…Already the middle of February in ’09…..Years flying by quickly.   For us North Carolinians, we have been blessed with some lovely weather to start off the month.  So we are thankful.  The golf facility I operate, Triangle Golf Center, has seen an abundence of new faces and we hope it is because of all the services we are offering to better peoples golf games and a sign that consistent warm weather is on the way.

If you havn’t heard the news, World #1 Tiger Woods welcomed in a new baby boy and named him Charles Axel Woods.  I did not win the name guessing pool.  I was thinking he would name it Rory Ames Woods….but I was way off.  Well for those of you who celebrate St. Valentine’s Day I hope ya’ll enjoy it, and for the rest of us single folks we will just have to use all the money we just saved to go out and have some fun.  Keep a look out for more golf tips and instruction throughout the year and of course my updates on myself, my facility, and the world around us.  I wish everyone the best and god bless.