I notice a lot of my students tend to grip the club incorrectly in terms of pressure. Gripping the club too tight causes your body to tense up not only in your hands but throughout your arms and into your shoulders and chest. Gripping too tightly can be caused by nerves, poor placement of hands on the club, and worn or incorrect grip size. Check all of these factors when assessing your pressure. Here is a simple test to get it right:

1. Take your Grip

2. On a Scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the hardest you can grip the club try gripping it at a 10.

3. Now, try gripping it at a 1

4. So after you have the feel of those 2 extremes, I want your pressure to be somewhere between 3-5 on the scale.

This will let your hands move more properly in the swing and increase your clubhead speed and body naturally.

Swing changes and equipment are important and must be worked on continually but for some instant clubhead speed you have to try this drill.