Golf can be a year-round game in some parts of the world, but is important to know what your “main” season is so that you can prepare, implement, or maintain your game.

In the Northeast US, for instance, it is a given that you won’t play much golf between November 1st – April 1st.  This is an opportunity to assess your goals and give your body a break from the constant play and practice.  For some, that means to add a new fitness routine, work with their coach at an indoor studio to enhance technique, or put the clubs in the garage and not touch them all winter.

Whatever the case may be, it is ideal to know when your off-season is so that you can gear up and gear down at specific times.  If you are working on a swing adjustment and never have an off-season then your expectations might be unrealistic when you venture out to the golf course.  However, if you knew that for a few months you would play sparingly then you could work on some of those weaknesses when time permitted and give yourself ample time for them to become more natural in your game.

I am not implying that you have to take off.  Some players want to play year-round and there is nothing wrong with that.  For the player that wants to improve their game each year it is vital to know when you are going to make changes, are implementing changes, or simply maintaining your game and playing a lot of golf.

Every player will be different but if you know what is right for you then you can have a clear mindset as you are preparing for the following season and start it off on a good path.