This simple putting drill can be performed in the privacy of your home and is used to get the ball rolling (no pun intended).

You need:

  • A Putter
  • 6-Feet of tape (preferably masking or duct)
  • A ball
  • A coin of some sort
  1. Get in the middle of a floor with your shortest carpet or a hardwood floor could work as well.
  2. Put down the tape so it sticks to the ground
  3. Place a coin at one end
  4. Place a ball at the other end and address the ball like your going to putt
  5. Try to hit the coin with the ball

The putting stroke is not a straight back – straight through motion (it actually does have a slight arc).  The idea is to strike the ball and follow the path of the tape with the ball until it reaches the coin.  If you miss left, your either closing the face at impact or making a stroke from out to in.  If your missing it right then the face is either open or from the inside.  It could be a bit of both as well but lets hope not.

Doing this for 10 minutes a day will get you to start hitting some putts on line and also help work on the speed of your short putts.

This will give you some confidence and let you know if you need some extra attention or help with your putting.

If that is the case, you know I’m here to help.  I hope this helps you out in your quest for golf greatness.  Take care.