What a difference a few days make….snow 10 days ago and then a blistful mix of sunshine and warmth.  This past week has been absolutely what we have been looking for here at Triangle Golf Center.  All the hard work we have put in over the last several months seemed to pay off when we were infused with golfers of all different ages.  We Thank You all for the support.  I was itching to get out and start giving some more lessons and thats just what happened.  I think most people have realized the truly brutally cold weather is behind us for now.  The clubs have been polished off and its open season on golf courses once again.  I can’t be more stoked for it.  In other news, I finally got a chance to clean the rust off my own clubs and hit a couple balls farther south….
On Monday, I drove down to Atlanta and specifically the Golf Club of Georgia with my brother to get some work in on the golf game.  His instructor is named Rob Stocke and he has been working with Rob for a couple years on his own game.  I had the pleasure of working with Rob myself to check out some of my tendencies.  Rob has been an accomplished instructor for many years and teaches some top golfers in the world.  The information I gathered from Rob was extremely valuable to my growth in both teaching and playing.  Along with my brother and one of our friends Jordon, we teed it up for 54 holes at 3 different courses; The Golf Club of Georgia’s Lakeside Course, White Columns Country Club, and Atlanta Country Club.  Although the game is still being tweaked, there were glimpses of greatness mixed into the rounds.  I was pleased with how I adapted to these “weird” swing changes.

All in all it was a great trip down there.  Unfortunately, I wanted to check out a restaurant called “Vortex” featured on a Travel Channel television show called “Man vs. Food” but couldn’t fit it into the busy schedule.  There is a burger there called the Coronary By-Pass which is supposed to be out of this world phenomenal……and unhealthy at the same time…ha!  Anyways check out the t.v. show because its pretty cool!  Ya’ll might want to wear the rain jackets this weekend with some precipitation on the way but then the 70’s weather is supposed to be back in full swing in a week.  I hope I get a chance to meet with some of you in the coming weeks and start the season off right.  Take care and God Bless!