It is easy to play this game and get frustrated when things done go well.  It’s tough, however; to be mad when there is no achievable goal in mind.  Let me explain further what I am speaking of.

It is difficult to know where you want to go in the game of golf without having a REACHABLE goal……Hitting the ball consistent, or putting better, or being more accurate are not reachable goals.

How can you track what hitting the ball consistent means?  How do you know if your putting better?  How is your accuracy better?  Go the extra step and write down exactly what you mean.  And then own it!  Then we you succeed you know you’ve truly succeeded.

So, let’s get more defined.  Let’s taking accuracy for example.  How can we make it more defined?

How about: I want to hit MORE fairways, or I would like to hit MORE greens in regulation, or I would like to limit my hazard penalties.  See these are all achievable.  If you normally hit only 3 out of 14 fairway a round and with practice and lessons you can now hit 7 then that is a goal reached.

This should also be down with your score too.  It doesn’t matter how you get there.  If your goal is to break a 100 then go and break 100 whichever way possible.  If that means hitting iron off the 18th tee to avoid water then do it.   There are only numbers on the scorecard.  Who cares how it is done.

Set your goals and work hard to achieve them.  If they are achieved, then you can look in the mirror and be proud.  If they weren’t achieved then you still have to look in that same mirror and question why?  Was the goal too extreme to begin with or did you not work hard enough?

Set your goals and get it done!  You’ll be happier on the course and be able to track improvements.