Golf can be a hard game. It can be even harder if you don’t know your strengths and weaknesses. One of the things that make good players great is that they KNOW their game. They know if they are a long hitter, they know if they can rely on their short game and they know what types of shots they’re capable of pulling off on the course.

If you slice the ball, or “power fade” it – you need to embrace that part of your game on the course. Off the course I would recommend trying to straighten that slice (which will lead to more consistency).

I want you to try this the next time you tee it up – Don’t look at the flags! For all 18 holes I want you to aim towards the left side of the green and fade / slice it back to the center of the green (and vice versa if you draw it).

Guess what will happen. You will have many more putts at birdies and pars and will hit more greens. Being in the middle of the green will mean that you will always have a chance to make a putt.

Try this the next time you play and I promise that you will shoot one of your better scores of the year.