Putting is not always the easiest. Some days the hole looks like a manhole cover and other days it looks like a thimble! Here is a great tip that allows your good days on the greens to be better and your bad days on the greens to be more consistent.

Take a Sharpie marker and draw a straight line on your golf ball. You have seen PGA Tour Players do this all the time. After you have marked your ball on the green, replace it with the line aligned with your intended putting line.

This will give you a great visual as to how and align your body and putter to the putting line and not the hole.

Now just make your stroke so that you send the ball down the intended putting line and allow it to break into the whole. If you do this correctly you will be able to see the line on your ball stay perfectly straight and not wobble when rolling across the green.

Watch this great video on Brad Faxon (one of the greatest putters of all time) and see how he puts this into practice. Notice how he focuses on the PUTTING LINE and not the HOLE.