Today, I passed my PGA Certified Professional test.  I have been studying hard for the last 6-8 months to prepare and educate myself on all the information that I would need to know for the test.  I’m happy all the hard work has paid off.  The education I received will further help me coach my student’s on all aspects of their golf game.

For those that are wondering, being a PGA Certified Professional is a step-up in the Professional Golfer’s Association of America.  The easiest way to explain it is to compare it to receiving a Master’s Degree in a given field.  Now, my next step is to prepare over the next several years to go for my Master Professional status with the PGA.

In the meantime, I hope to get the opportunity to work with old and new students this season and help you all achieve phenomenal results!

It’s gonna be a great season.

See you all out there!