There are a few keys points that have to be met in order to hit your driver well.  It starts with the Set-up.

Now, every player is different so there will be some trial and error involved here but for the most part these tips will guide you toward better driver performance.  It is smart to get your driver checked to make sure the specifications are correct for you.  You can do everything in the world correct in the swing, but if your driver has the wrong shaft, grip, or head and doesn’t fit you then you could be in a world of trouble.

1. Get into a wide stance –  This means I want your feet to be wider than your shoulders.  The reason is that the driver is very long and works best from a “flatter” or “shallower” swing plane.  The more narrow your stance is then the more your club will want to work upright and steep.

2. Ball Position – Center to Off inside of left heel – This will vary for each player so test it out and see what works best for you.  The closer to center you will have a better chance to have a shallower swing plane which will allow for more of a draw.

3. Angle your spine slighty back – Think of your upper body as pointing at 12 on a clock.  Angle your upper body to 11 o’clock and you’ll be in great position to stay behind the ball at impact.

These 3 simple set-up keys will all work together to make a solid impact area which in turn will produce long and straight drives.  That’s what we want right?  Remember, Practice this over a session or two.  Rome wasn’t build in a day.  Give your body a chance to adapt to the changes.  Trust it and it will take you to another level in driving accuracy and distance.

Set-up like this at the beginning and you set yourself up from massive drives down the road…..keep on practicing!