Let’s Play a Game:  Pick which one doesn’t belong

1. A Michael Jordan Jumper to win the game

2. A Pete Sampras drop shot

3. A Joe Montana Touchdown Throw

4. A Golfer with a conscience

The answer of course is number 4.  But why?

I will first say that I am not a doctor, but I do pretend to play one on TV.

Being a PGA Professional, I have experienced thousands of different swings from different players and have had the chance to sit and talk with hundreds of them about their game, both mentally and physically. Here are just a few thoughts on the mental side of things.

The reason that Michael Jordan, Pete Sampras, and Joe Montana were the best at their game was they Reacted and didn’t think.  Jordan wasn’t thinking about the position of his right elbow as he was hitting a game-winning shot for the championship.  So why, as golfers, do we think about our swing so much during the 1-2 seconds that it actually happens.

Here’s why.  We believe we can control the universe.  Completely honest answer.  I’ll go further.

Think of the most relaxing, thoughtless swing you ever made.  Maybe you were playing speed golf with your buddies to get in before the storm, or were working on more rhythm.  Either way, without thinking and simply Reacting….you accomplished something so magical that you almost didn’t believe it was you.  You hit a perfect golf shot!  It might not have been the most accurate thing in the world (maybe it was), but everything timed up so “perfectly” that it almost felt like you hit nothing.

Now think of the Happy Gilmore swing you made to try and drive the uphill 330 yard par 4 in your Captain’s Choice event.  Hmmmm?  a little off line and powerless.  You’ve heard it hundreds of times: Tension kills the golf swing.  But it’s really thinking about your swing during the swing causes tension that kills the golf swing.  I think they cut down the quote as the years went by to fit on the page.  Who knows.

Anyways.  Try this out for size.

Next time your at the range I want you to stretch out and hit a couple to warm up.

1. Once your ready pull out any wedge you want

2. Now try to hit that wedge with a full swing at 10% speed (Yes, I said 10%)….It probably won’t go more than 20 yards

3. After about 5 or 6 balls move up to 20% speed

4. Then 40% speed

5. And finally 70% speed…..This is it….there is no 100%……Trust me, I’ve swung at 100% before…..I also sat out of golf for 2 weeks after that icing my back.

The bottom line is most players think about their swing so much and swing way too hard.  That’s why the slice happens, thats why back injuries happen, that’s why _____________ ( you fill in the blank) happens.

Slow it down and accuracy and suprisingly enough, distance, will increase.

Till we chat again.  Take Care.