Week 5 was one for the ages!  I was gassed most of the week and had to conjure up some extra mojo to get through my 4 workouts.  I’m very much starting to learn where I can push myself and where I still need to be smart about the weights that I am picking but when I do get “in the zone” I am able to impress even myself with some of the work.

A couple of key thoughts from this week:

My wrists were sore from doing the workout a week ago where I had to hold hand stand push-up position for 30 seconds for 4 rounds.  On Saturday, We had more handstand push-ups and I could already recognize that my body had built up a bit of a tolerance to it and didn’t have any pain while going through 4 rounds holding for 30 seconds.

I practiced the “kipping pull up” one night and realized not only is it harder than it appears but that the thought is more of a “C” shape with straight arms as I go into the move vs trying to bend my elbows and pulling.  Something I’ll have to continue to practice and improve.

Rope climbs are extremely difficult but something inside me overcomes that challenge as we had to do 4 rounds with a partner each doing 2 per round.  This is more than I ever have had to do and was pleased that I got through all 8 using no legs and got to the top on every one.  My hands were a bit torn up but I’ll chalk that up to building the strength into my hands.

“If you are comfortable then you are not growing” was something one of the instructors said to the group and it was necessary to hear.  I’m there to workout and improve my overall fitness and If you just half-ass it then your body can’t get the gains you ultimately want.

I’m starting to feel more like I belong and I have to continue to believe in myself and my ability to accomplish some of the more difficult workouts.

Thanks for reading.