One month down and I am starting to get in the groove…as well as turn up the volume a bit on my workouts!  Another 5 workouts in the books this week and I recognized that I am understanding my weight patterns better and able to challenge myself with different exercises now that I’ve done them a handful of times.

My squat is getting much better and although I am still getting comfortable adding a lot of weight to front squats or doing overhead squats with more than a light bar I can see the incremental changes.  Flexibility is a tough thing for me and in one of the early classes with Lei, the owner of CrossFit RTP, we discovered that I have minimal shoulder mobility and I will have to work hard over time to increase that to be able to perform some more challenging movements like the overhead squat.  Although I am still a long ways away from being where I want with the mobility, I was able to get a handful of overhead squats completed with a bar in the correct position.

Like anything else, it takes practice.  One of the things I am learning is that a lot of this is new to me and that’s okay.  I have to be content with not having it perfected but try to push through each workout and get the most out of it that I can.  In time, I’ll achieve great results.

Final note through Four Weeks…As a literal “gut check” I took a couple pictures to track progress and I must say the results in just 4 weeks have been amazing.  I am noticing a lot more upper body strength in the chest and shoulders but a slimmer oblique area than before.  Legs feel more powerful than they have ever been and I can start to see the gains.

Week 5 starts tomorrow.  Excited to see what is in store!