Week 3 started to get me in my groove.  I attended 5 classes throughout the week and became much more comfortable with the surroundings and working through various exercises.  Going 4 days in a row was certainly a challenge but working out with a group kept me energized.

I remember one moment in particular on Tuesday when we were doing a retched series of Rowing, Burpees, and then Front Squats all in an AMRAP.  It was getting almost near the end and I was on front squats and just toast but with 10 seconds left I could’ve stopped.  At home working out I might of but I heard the instructor call out 10 seconds and I said to myself “2 more…let’s get 2 more”…as the clock struck :00 I exploded up for to hit the “2 more” goal.  It feels great to accomplish the workout but to exceed when I am at the end and burnt out was extra special.

The week ended on a “relaxed” Saturday workout….just kidding!  It was brutal.  Had a chance to partner up with my neighbor on this one and we had fun but boy did it wear us down.  400 m run, 40 front squats, and 40 burpees and then it progressed down from there for 3 rounds.  That was just part one.  In part 2, the mixture of pull ups, hand stand pushups, and double unders was just what I needed to feel like I had an unbelievable week and roll into a nice rest day on Sunday.

Lesson learned this week: Listen to your body!  I almost put myself out of commission with some static presses I did at the end of the workout (in exchange for handstand pushups) and almost tweaked my neck.  Luckily, I was just sore a bit Sunday.  You gotta listen to your body even when your ego gets in the way!

12 workouts down through 3 weeks.  Time to crush week 4!