Week 2 was fun.  For 2 reasons.  First, I now have a firm understanding of many of the moves that I need to be performing and am a lot more comfortable doing them on my own and knowing I am doing them fairly well.  Secondly, now having some confidence, I can push myself a bit further and step it up to another level ultimately helping me get to my goals quicker.

I was only able to go 3 times this past week but that is partially due to trying to figure out the best schedule that works for me and also make sure I can work around family obligations.  With some unknowns (like my son getting sick) the latter half of the week got away from me.

But, this is where the learning comes into play.  I am missing it.  I am excited to get back to it on Monday.  And that…that is what I was looking for when starting this and it makes me stay motivated to show up and dedicate myself to the process. So even though I only got 3 in this week (my goal is 4-5) I was able to use that as a motivator to roll it into the next week.

Interesting learning this week: A move called “Skin the Cat”.  This move required you to use the rings and it was the first time I ever had to use it.  The first time seeing the instructor doing it my jaw dropped and I was like “uh, that’s hard”.  But, after getting some instruction on it and trying it I was pleased with how I could get the move down.  However, I realized how weak my core is and the more I work on it I’ll be able to do this move much better.  For those wondering what this move is I found a video on youtube that explains it – https://youtu.be/4i2_ImaWGzs

Onward to Week 3 and will look to share even more stories and some pictures/videos of the journey

Take care