As we turned into week 3 of this strength building program I was eager to push my limits and continue building muscle and strength in various core areas.  Remember, each week I’ll post my progress here in this updated Google Sheet -> 12-Week Program Details

As I am learning, the time of day I work out has a lot of impact on my gains and it appears that earlier is better in regards to more energy.  Unfortunately, I don’t have that luxury to always do morning workouts so will have to figure out ways to keep my energy at a high level into the evening as normally I am working out after work.

Back Squats this week I did 11 as my max set at 125lbs (about 85% of my max weight).  This has continued to improve each week and it may be that I’ve worked out in the morning on 2 of the last 3 weeks

Bench Press was solid at 7 max reps at 145 lbs.  I also changed my grip up slightly to go narrower as I was way too wide in early weeks (and throughout my entire lifting career).

Dead Lifts were fun and actually really loving them.  Maybe my taller frame makes it easier but they are becoming my favorite movement in this series. Did 12 max reps this week at 220 lbs.

Front Squats have continued to be my nemesis and I think it is because I partially guessed on my max weight and that has made me do a bit more than I should be.  Also, learning from some of the coaches that I may have not been going as deep in the squat as I needed to and that’s why the first week I was able to hit 10 max reps and then past 2 weeks have been barely 2 each time.

Lesson learned this week….It’s better to do the movements correct and have less weight involved than try to push extra and compromise the motion.  My focus this week will be on my squats and making sure I get down the entire way.

I’m encouraged being 1/4 of the way through this strength program and looking forward to seeing where I can push myself in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned!