Collectively as a CrossFit Gym we are embarking on a 12-week strength building program and this was Week 1.

We are ramping up for 3 weeks and then using Week 4 as a slight recovery before ramping up more in subsequent weeks.

After the initial trial week to get our max #’s, Week 1 was a full go!

Each week we have a similar focus on specific days.  As a reminder they are:

Monday -> Back Squats

Tuesday -> Bench Press

Wednesday -> Deadlifts

Friday ->Front Squats.

I had never worked out like this before where I was doing about 6 progressions and then a max set at the end (as well as adding additional conditioning after these were done).

Remember, each week I’ll post my progress here in this updated Google Sheet -> 12-Week Program Details

Some highlights:

  1. I did a max set of 5 back squats at 135 lbs -> I think I was a bit tired this day and my legs were shot from the get-go so we’ll see how next week goes
  2. We did some conditioning on the rowing machine and I accomplished 2320 meters in a 10-minute window
  3.  We ran a mile and I set my all-time fastest speed with a 7:11 mile!!!

I feel incredibly energized to go into next week and see how I can push myself toward some more gains!

Stay tuned…