One week down!  What an incredible week it was.  A lot of emotions on many ends.  Couple things I learned in my first week.

  1. Pace yourself.  Even with a lower weight you can get your butt kicked
  2. Challenge yourself.  There were many times I could’ve given up but being in that environment made me push harder
  3. Group atmosphere is awesome!  There is a lot of competition as you go through the workouts and you definitely want to keep up with the others that have been doing it longer
  4. The people are so friggen nice.  Everyone comes up and introduces themselves and are so helpful to make sure you are comfortable in the setting.

This week I participated in 4 workouts and what I loved was that each and everyone of them were different.  Some days there was more heavy lifting or focus on strength building while others were a lot more endurance based and hit many different exercises throughout.   I think every single body part got hit and boy and I sore.  But it’s that good feeling sore when you know you wrecked it!

How I challenged myself this week:

On our Saturday workout, it was a team competition and Rope Climbs were one of the exercises.  This was a fast-paced routine with each of us having to do 2 per round over 3 rounds.  I had never done a Rope Climb before but with some encouragement and sheer will, I did a “leg free” rope climb ALL 6 Times to the top!  My body hated me after but it was a rush to accomplish that mini-goal.

Rest day tomorrow and then on to week 2.

Stay tuned!