After many years of different fitness routines, working out at gyms and at home, and doing everything from heavy lifting to cardio, I decided to make a commitment to something new.

CrossFit came calling.  I was getting hit from several angles about Crossfit and had thought about doing it in the past put was reluctant to change at that time.  I’m not sure exactly what put me over the edge but I think a key factor was my new outlook on life and approach to trying new things even if they scare me or take me out of my comfort zone.  Starting my Podcast several months back was a recent success of mine to get out of my comfort zone and put myself out there even if I felt I didn’t belong.

It was the first step that was the most important.  And I took it!

Before I get started on week 1, I worked with the owner of CrossFit RTP, Lei Fei, to make sure my mechanics were sound and I had an idea of where I needed to start with some moves.  I was drinking from a firehose in those sessions.  A lot of new terminology and a lot of different moves that were foreign to me.

But, it was a huge help.

  1. We realized my squat was being done poorly which could cause knee issues down the road
  2. We realized my pushup was slightly off as I had my hands a bit too high across the shoulders and needed them more back in line with my chest.
  3. I had zero idea what a snatch, thruster, hollow up, and many other movements were

Now, onto group classes and the beginning of the fitness journey.

Stay tuned…