Week 17: CrossFit Journey (Week 7 of 12 of the Strength Training Program)

After completing “The Murph” on Monday, this week became a tad lighter due to some personal commitments as well as I was very very very sore after Monday and needed time to recoup.  I ended up going to two classes the rest of the week and then did some Open Gym work today to ease back into next week.  However, here is the link to my workout chart and what I am focusing on each week – Strength Training Program 

This was a good week to listen to my body and try not to overexert myself as I maybe would have done in the past.  My pecs were probably sore until Saturday so pushing too hard mid week wouldn’t have been good.  We did keep up with our Strength Training Program this week and we used Thursday for Bench Press which I handled fairly well given the soreness.  Unfortunately I only made it to one of the Strength Days but will get back on track this week.

CrossFit is teaching me to push my boundaries while staying focused on form.  The gains I have had in 17 weeks has been incredible and I’d encouraged anyone needing motivation that it comes in the form of consistency.  Stay active and stay with it.  Even if you miss a day or two that’s fine.  Just don’t have long stretches where you miss and you’ll be fine.

Lastly, on Sundays we have Open Gym to come in and work on things on your own and today I chose to focus on Double unders which are very difficult.  I am fine with jumping rope with single unders but adding a second pass through makes it challenging.  I was becoming a bit frustrated because I wasn’t getting it too well but some words of encouragement from the owner Lei that it took him 18 months to perfect it helped calm me down a bit.  Going back to consistency, I just need to focus on the right motion and with time I’ll be able to bang them out easily!

Keep grindin ya’ll!

Week 17: CrossFit Journey (Week 7 of 12 of the Strength Training Program)2021-03-19T10:40:21-04:00

Week 16: CrossFit Journey (Week 6 of 12 of the Strength Training Program)

Week 16 was a phenomenal week with many great achievements and I completely annihilated any past records on number of Squats I did this week, that’s for sure!

But…For this week (which I am posting the wrap-up on Memorial Day Monday instead of Sunday) is reserved for “The Murph”.

The most grueling workout I’ve ever done in my entire life.

…And it’s a salute to Lt. Michael Murphy who lost his life in Afghanistan and this was his favorite workout.

Thankful to have the opportunities I do and like most of the CrossFit world I wanted to honor Lt. Murphy by participating in this which is my first time.

The workout is simple…

1 Mile run

100 Pullups

200 pushups

300 Air Squats

1 Mile Run

Once you finish the first mile you are trying to complete the middle portion before you finish the workout with the final mile.  My strategy was breaking up into 20 rounds of 5, 10, and 15, respectively to batch this and try to accomplish in under 1 hour.

By round 9 I was feeling toasted but my adrenaline kicked in and feeling the motivation of my peers I grinded til the end.

The folks out there that actually do this with a vest on and complete in an ungodly short time is impressive.

5️⃣8️⃣:4️⃣2️⃣ was my time and couldn’t have been more pleased with it since my entire body was in pain!

Congrats to all who participated and pushed themselves past their comfort zone to achieve success!

The next few workouts should seem simple compared to that!!!

Til next time, keep Grindin’

Week 16: CrossFit Journey (Week 6 of 12 of the Strength Training Program)2021-03-19T10:40:22-04:00

Week 15: CrossFit Journey (Week 5 of 12 of the Strength Building Program)

After a week of “Deload” and a “lighter” week we got back to things and didn’t skip a beat.

This week was intense and I was able to get in 4 workouts and my legs hate me for sure!

I’m going to keep it short this week but a few takeaways to note which are important:

  1. We noticed that my max weight on Deadlifts was a bit low and that could’ve been due to how I felt during the test week.  So, we bumped it up just a bit (10 LBS) and did the specific workout.  Not only did that still feel good, I was able to blow away my Max Set number as I did 17 unbroken reps in the final set at a weight of 215
  2. We noticed my squat wasn’t looking good and we figured to widen my stance a bit as my legs could allow for it.  It was definitely a different feeling but I noticed I had more stability and could get out of the low spot of the squat.  Will keep working on this each week but feel the wider stance may be more beneficial
  3. Still love the competitiveness of CrossFit but also the camaraderie.  I enjoy the Saturday workouts as we generally turn those into partner workouts and it’s neat to be able to pair up with others and push ourselves together and achieve results.  If you like being motivated and pushed to succeed then the partner workouts will surely do that for you.

All in all, each week I continually learn a few things, some big and some small, but all to get a tad better and get closer to my goals.  It’s important to reflect on each day’s workout, both good and bad, so that you can start to map out areas where you can push harder and areas where you need to improve or focus more.

Excited to hit the 4 month mark this coming week and would’ve never believed I could have the gains I’ve had in that short period of time and continue to enjoy the process each and every day.

Until next time, keep grinding!


Week 15: CrossFit Journey (Week 5 of 12 of the Strength Building Program)2021-03-19T10:40:23-04:00

Week 14: CrossFit Journey (Week 4 of 12 of the Strength Building Program)

We are now 1/3rd of the way through the 12-week strength building program and Week 4 was our “Deload” week although it was anything from easy.  Our Deload consisted of doing 3 sets of 5 of a low weight (roughly 40-60%) just to work on form and keep the movement fresh.  However, it was a week to let our bodies relax slightly in preparation for the next 3 weeks of intense work.  For a reminder of the program and weight you can follow along on my progress here – 12-Week Program Details

Remember, the 4 main moves we are hitting each week are Back Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift, Front Squat.

We focused a lot on core movements and endurance this week and boy was I gassed after a couple of them.

Learning moment for me was this AMRAP (As many rounds as possible) with strict shoulder presses and then a 200 meter run.  I was determined to be the best in the class and accomplished that by doing 6 complete rounds in 8-minutes.  It was a lot of mindset endurance as well as the physical aspects that of course are a part of it.

As I head into week 5 I am continuing to be conscious of my nutrition and sleep and recommend others reading this to make sure you are getting your calories right but also you’re eating foods giving you the right amount of energy.  I can’t stress sleep enough and it’s be so impactful getting at least 7-hours a week.  For those interested, I highly recommend to check out the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast Episode #1109 with Matthew Walker, Author of Why We Sleep.  The most fascinating podcast episode I’ve ever listened to.  It’ll be a wake up call for many, no pun intended – Here is the link to it – Matthew Walker Podcast Interview – Joe Rogan Experience

Until next time….take care.

Week 14: CrossFit Journey (Week 4 of 12 of the Strength Building Program)2021-03-19T10:40:23-04:00

Week 13: CrossFit Journey (Week 3 of 12 of the Strength Building Program)

As we turned into week 3 of this strength building program I was eager to push my limits and continue building muscle and strength in various core areas.  Remember, each week I’ll post my progress here in this updated Google Sheet -> 12-Week Program Details

As I am learning, the time of day I work out has a lot of impact on my gains and it appears that earlier is better in regards to more energy.  Unfortunately, I don’t have that luxury to always do morning workouts so will have to figure out ways to keep my energy at a high level into the evening as normally I am working out after work.

Back Squats this week I did 11 as my max set at 125lbs (about 85% of my max weight).  This has continued to improve each week and it may be that I’ve worked out in the morning on 2 of the last 3 weeks

Bench Press was solid at 7 max reps at 145 lbs.  I also changed my grip up slightly to go narrower as I was way too wide in early weeks (and throughout my entire lifting career).

Dead Lifts were fun and actually really loving them.  Maybe my taller frame makes it easier but they are becoming my favorite movement in this series. Did 12 max reps this week at 220 lbs.

Front Squats have continued to be my nemesis and I think it is because I partially guessed on my max weight and that has made me do a bit more than I should be.  Also, learning from some of the coaches that I may have not been going as deep in the squat as I needed to and that’s why the first week I was able to hit 10 max reps and then past 2 weeks have been barely 2 each time.

Lesson learned this week….It’s better to do the movements correct and have less weight involved than try to push extra and compromise the motion.  My focus this week will be on my squats and making sure I get down the entire way.

I’m encouraged being 1/4 of the way through this strength program and looking forward to seeing where I can push myself in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned!

Week 13: CrossFit Journey (Week 3 of 12 of the Strength Building Program)2021-03-19T10:40:24-04:00

Week 12: CrossFit Journey (Week 2 of 12 of the Strength Building Program)

We are now in the thick of things with this 12-week progression to build a ton of strength in core movements of the Back Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift, and Front Squat.

A couple observations in week 2 that I’d like to share.

  1. Every day is not going to be the same and if you’re body is just off a bit that could really affect your numbers.  If you look at my max reps from week 1 to 2 on both the Back Squat and Front Squat they are completely opposite.  My back squat went up 5 from the prior week even with the additional max rep weight.  Conversely, I was toast on Thursday as I worked on the Front Squat and could only muster 2 compared to the 10 I did the prior week.

2. We had a ton of conditioning this week and a lot of rowing mixed with other movements.  I absolutely crushed these portions of the workout as I’ve improved my endurance to a point where I don’t get nearly as winded as before and can break through the barriers.

Moral of the story: Recognize how you are feeling each day and don’t beat yourself up if you don’t have it.  Stay focused on good technique and get after it next time.  What I learned from the observation is that I worked out at 5:30am this past week for the back squats as opposed to later in the day the week prior.  I’ve noticed that when I work out in the morning (although more rare) I tend to have a ton more energy and see greater gains.  These details can help you improve as well and recognize patterns to improve your overall fitness.

Remember, each week I’ll post my progress here in this updated Google Sheet -> 12-Week Program Details

Onward to week 3 of this Strength Building Program!

Week 12: CrossFit Journey (Week 2 of 12 of the Strength Building Program)2021-03-19T10:40:24-04:00

Week 11: CrossFit Journey (Week 1 of 12 of the Strength Building Program)

Collectively as a CrossFit Gym we are embarking on a 12-week strength building program and this was Week 1.

We are ramping up for 3 weeks and then using Week 4 as a slight recovery before ramping up more in subsequent weeks.

After the initial trial week to get our max #’s, Week 1 was a full go!

Each week we have a similar focus on specific days.  As a reminder they are:

Monday -> Back Squats

Tuesday -> Bench Press

Wednesday -> Deadlifts

Friday ->Front Squats.

I had never worked out like this before where I was doing about 6 progressions and then a max set at the end (as well as adding additional conditioning after these were done).

Remember, each week I’ll post my progress here in this updated Google Sheet -> 12-Week Program Details

Some highlights:

  1. I did a max set of 5 back squats at 135 lbs -> I think I was a bit tired this day and my legs were shot from the get-go so we’ll see how next week goes
  2. We did some conditioning on the rowing machine and I accomplished 2320 meters in a 10-minute window
  3.  We ran a mile and I set my all-time fastest speed with a 7:11 mile!!!

I feel incredibly energized to go into next week and see how I can push myself toward some more gains!

Stay tuned…


Week 11: CrossFit Journey (Week 1 of 12 of the Strength Building Program)2021-03-19T10:40:25-04:00

Week 10: CrossFit Journey (Test Week for 12-Week Strength Program)

Week 10 was a test week to get ready for a 12-week training program we are doing as an entire facility.  We wanted to test various movements to benchmark where our gains will happen over a 12-week period.  It was cool to see where I landed on some of the areas and excited to see my progression over the next dozen weeks.

For anyone that is interested to see the chart I am using to access weight progressions you can view the Google Sheet here -> 12-Week Strength Program Details *

*As a quick note to the chart, the only numbers I input are in the yellow boxes (at the top after this test week and then at the bottom as I hit my max for each exercise each week).  The pre-filled numbers on the chart auto-populate based on my 1 or 3-rep max and the % of weight we are doing for that week.  Make sense?  It didn’t to me at first so let me know if any questions.

Some areas of note:

Back Squat (max 3 reps) – 145 lbs (with 10 lb weight under heels)

Dead Lift (max 3) -> 255 lbs

Strict Pull-ups – 7 uninterrupted

Bench Press – 165 lbs

“Helen” -> 3 RFT -> 400 m run, 21 kettlebell swings (35 lbs) , 6 pullups -> = Time -> 10:56

5 RFT 5 DL (135 lbs) and 10 burpees -> = Time -> 5:17

Ab Mat Sit-up (2 min max) – 44

150 Wall Balls FT (14 lb) – 9:40


Will update on progress as this moves along!

Week 10: CrossFit Journey (Test Week for 12-Week Strength Program)2021-03-19T10:40:26-04:00

Week 9: CrossFit Journey

Week 9 was a leg burner all week!

I was surprised with myself for pushing through a front squat workout and hitting my 3 rep max at 225 LBs which was more than I’ve ever done for 1 rep let along 3 in a row.

We also had a workout where I had to do an insane amount of wall balls followed by burpees for 5 rounds squeezed in between two 400-meter runs.

This week flew by but I could tell that my strength is continuing to improve when I powered through a workout with deadlifts doing 10 reps @ 135 LB and didn’t get phased.  Back in week one that might have been a struggle.

I worked out for 4 days this week and decided to take off the weekend to do some extra father/son bonding time while I rested and got ramped up for Week 10.

Going to go hard Week 10!  Check back in for more results next week…

Take care

Week 9: CrossFit Journey2021-03-19T10:40:26-04:00

Week 8: CrossFit Journey

Week 8 got me back in the swing of things after a light week 7.  5 Days of intensity capped by a brutal but rewarding Saturday workout.

It was also kicked off by the 35th Birthday.

Fitness is one of those things that everybody knows they have to do to stay healthy but most people neglect.  For me, Fitness has meant many different routines over the past 16 years but this CrossFit Journey has been incredible.  The amount of gains in 2 short months and the level of comfort doing movements I’ve never done before has been astounding.

This all goes back to the one word that people that succeed talk about a lot…consistency.

In fitness, it is so important to stay consistent with your workouts as well as your eating to go along with it.  One bad day or week doesn’t ruin it by any means but taking a long layoff or never working out can have compounding effects on your body as you get older.  You don’t always have to go hard each and every day but finding the right mix is something I believe in and the results speak for themselves.

I’m ecstatic with the improvements in 8-weeks and look forward to reporting back even better results in months to come.

Big challenge I crushed this week….First, I battled through a Part C workout on Friday for 3 rounds OTM and ended up improving each round of Burpees and Biking.  Secondly, the next day I did 12 full rope climbs with no leg assist over a 3 RFT team workout.  It ended the week strong and gave me confidence heading into week 9.

Until next time, Keep grindin’!


Week 8: CrossFit Journey2021-03-19T10:40:27-04:00
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