We get excited about upcoming events, whether personal or professional, and the impact they could have on us in the long run. We get so excited about the potential of it all.

Events could be anything from a contract that is expected, to a concert that we are watching, to a first date, or to a house closing. Or any number of things we look forward to. 

But how do we react when what is expected doesn’t happen?

The contract gets caught up in legal review, the concert gets rained out, the other person cancels the date last minute, or the house doesn’t pass inspection and misses the closing date.

Inevitably stuff will go wrong. Things won’t ever come to fruition as you hoped. And that’s okay.

That is what should be expected. 

If we are going to get very happy when things go our way then we must find a way to be equally positive when they don’t and take the good out of them for what they are. We may not be thrilled that what we wanted to happen ended up not happening as planned, but our reaction is extremely vital as it can build us stronger to withstand future unforeseen events that could be much worse.

Reframe the situation as best as you can and build a story in your mind on why what just happened can be seen as a positive. How it “not happening” is actually a good thing for you.

Accepting that things are how they are and that we cannot control most of them is one of the first leaps into life-long fulfillment. When we can let life happen, how it’s going to happen, and be okay with it either way then we can get our minds into a place of gratitude versus resentment and anger.