“You’re not a Children’s book author”

That was a loop running in my head daily back in 2012 after I had written most of my first children’s book.

Then I shelved it for 7 years. Why?

Inadequate and self-loathing Brian joined in on the party daily.

I kept telling myself I wasn’t good enough.

I wasn’t a writer, or an author and had any business thinking so.

Looking back it is laughable how much I let the “old Brian” control the steering wheel with that negative thinking.

What wasn’t I good enough for?

It wasn’t good enough for me because I put other people on these unimaginable pedestals that they were somehow so different and I needed to “stay in my lane.”

Do you know the only difference?

They started.

They put in the work.

They reaped the benefits of failure and then would iterate and expand on it.

They had the courage to create their life, not just let it happen.

They weren’t miles ahead of me.

They were on their own path.

Their journey was totally different.

They decided to put a line in the sand and cross over to the other side.

They made commitments to themselves and stuck with it.

It was non-negotiable.

That was the difference between 2012 and 2019 when I picked back up the project and decided to complete the book, “Luke’s 1st Round of Golf”

I “burned all of the boats.”

There was no turning back now.

I was done negotiating with myself.

I was done letting an old way of thinking control me.

I was done living in fear of the unknown.

I wasn’t ready to tackle all that was ahead but that didn’t stop me from starting.

It was the only choice I allowed myself to have.