In any walk of life, there are instances where we cant perform for one reason or another. Every venture is not a success and every encounter with opportunity doesn’t always come out smelling like roses for us.

Writers Block is a state of being that we can be in whether we are writing or not. It’s gotten attention over the years in the world of creative or artistic expression but it could be used for anything.

When we are in a headspace that is not conducive from performing at our highest level, that is when some of the “brain fog” sets in and we can’t see the path clearly.

It is important for us to recognize what our bodies need to be optimal and when they are not in that state we need to recalibrate and ask questions.

  • What has our sleep looked like?
  • Have we been eating properly?
  • Did we get exercise recently?
  • Have we taken some brain breaks?

And then start to take small actions to adjust. These do not have to be grandiose.

  • Get a workout in
  • Take a break from the technology
  • Listen to some music
  • Meditate

No matter what you personally need to do, we need to tune our bodies so they are primed for the best output. If we understand our baselines, recognize when we’ve shifted away from them, and admit that we need to recalibrate then we will be able to get back to a better state of being and our “writer’s block” will miraculously go away.