Greatness is hard for an individual person to conclude on their own. Although we might be able to lay out several areas that are worthy of the answer we can often skew the results with what we want to consider our “strengths” when they may not exactly be that. Ego gets in the way a lot.

If you want to know what you might be great at, ask your closest friends. Pick 3 for starters.

Ask them “if they had to pick the one thing they feel you are great at what would they choose?” This can be any number of things like writing, listening, compassion, organizing, etc. There are no wrong answers.

When you start to see patterns in your friend’s responses you can lean into their answers and start to discover where the truth lies.

We may not want to always admit or accept what others see as our great attributes but respecting the results of our close friends will get us on a path to happiness much quicker than going about it alone.

Try it and see how different their responses are from yours. You may save yourself a heck of a lot of time not going down the wrong path.