My son is doing a summer workout program.

3 days in he learned one valuable lesson.

Our minds are what stop us from achieving the things we want.

With 1:30 left in the 10-minute workout, I knew he could get one more round done even though the prior 4 rounds took over 2 minutes each to complete.

I challenged him to do it and dangled a reward for added motivation.

In an instant, I saw a change in his demeanor. Something clicked.

He focused.

He dug deep

He believed in himself.

He completed the last round in 1:16 seconds.

Only when we take action do we learn what we are made of.

I can tell him all day long about grit and discipline.

I have found that discovering it for himself is more powerful.

It becomes real.

It becomes sticky.

It’s one of the only ways to grasp the mental hurdles that life throws at us.