I’m grateful often but recently I got to thinking even deeper.

What if things went wrong?

I was nervous going into surgery in early November. Of course, there was an extremely high probability of success with a septoplasty procedure but I allowed myself to think of the alternative leading up to it.

→ That reflection grounded me.

It reminded me that the good life we have can change on a dime. Things can go wrong. Not only is no day guaranteed, but pain and suffering are almost inevitable at some point. The “when” is always uncertain.

Although I might not be able to control the outcome, I knew going in that I would be grateful to have the opportunity:

→ To live the life that I chose

→ To surround myself with great people

→ To experience things that I never could’ve dreamed of

→ To have a purpose-driven life that energizes me every day.

Gratitude, it just matters.

It’s often the grounding we need to remind us of the precious gifts we are given each day.