Grab a pen and paper or open your Notes app on your phone and write down the 5 things that are bothering you the most right now in your life. Whatever is taking up space in your head and troubling you.

There are no wrong answers.

Give yourself a second to write these things down. Their writing of them is important as it makes them become more real.

Now that you have your five, I’d like you to rephrase all of them into a statement that resembles something more positive, “glass half full”, and optimistic.

For instance, if one of your complaints was…

My job is so stressful and I feel like I can never catch up at all. The work keeps piling up.

Maybe rewriting it to be positive looks something like this…

With the job being so stressful lately it’s helping me prioritize the things in my life that are the most important to me and I want to work toward doing those more often.

I’m making up a random example but the point is that a positive mindset always wins. I love the quote by Earl Nightingale which says,  “We become what we think about.” If we are thinking negatively, complaining often, and always upset then that’s how we will perceive the world. We’ll be frustrated, closed off from conversations, and be looking at everything from a “glass half empty” perspective.

However, if we can use what is bothering us into positive momentum forward then we can create a brand new perspective on life. One that is filled with gratitude and hope. One with a more opportunistic view of each situation we are in.

Change is a long, tedious process, and getting to the starting line to change for the better is hard enough. We must recognize that our minds control our actions and our actions determine what direction we move in.

If our mind isn’t right then our actions are going to suffer.

The first step in doing that is creating a new narrative on our life. A new storyline. One with hope and optimism instead of doom and gloom.

Find the courage to write these thoughts down and hold yourself accountable to changing the tone and attitude of the message and you’ll start to change your mindset for the better.

You’ll become what you think about.