Do you know when most people quit?

It’s not before they start. It’s when they have their first brush with resistance.

Off the starting line, we might have momentum but at some point, the quick learning curve flattens out.

We’ve started to plateau.

My son is experiencing this right now with band.

One month into Trumpet and he was loving it. He was excited and energized. Band became his favorite class every day.

Now, he’s frustrated, upset and ready to quit.

When I asked why his answer was simple, “It’s really hard and I can’t get it.”

But it’s not that he couldn’t get it, it’s that he was “plateauing” and he didn’t realize it.

“Plateauing” is a sign that we are on the right path. 

This is not the time to quit. It’s the time to summon the confidence that got us here and climb some more.

So I told him, “When things get hard this is when most people stop.

This isn’t a band lesson, this is a lesson for life.

He’ll run into hard times again and again in almost any pursuit he does.

Keep going.

The growth comes from managing the hard and believing that better days are ahead.

It’s a positive mindset that can shield the negative energy.

So, he’s practicing, again.

He’s focusing on his emotions.

He’s working on one note at a time.

He’s learning that when adversity hits we always have two choices.

→ We can quit

→ We can push through

I’m glad he’s learning to push through.

Because he’s improving, again.

He’s crested the hill he was struggling on and finding new growth because of it.