Many times we struggle through life believing this is how it has to be. 

It doesn’t. 

No one says that what we are doing or how we are feeling has to stay this way. That is entirely up to us. 

It’s not an overnight change and certainly not easy but we should be happy it is that way. We should be grateful that the hard work we put in and the endurance we’ve managed to muster up to get to a new place, a better place, don’t just evaporate overnight as well. 

Those newfound habits have shaped us in a different way where we can leverage that momentum and progress on future endeavors. 

We’ve got ourselves into the position we are in today. We’re at the Basecamp site. We see the mountain in front of us. 

We have a choice. 

Are we happy with where we are at today? If not, then we have the ability to climb to new heights to discover happiness. it won’t come without some pain and difficult moments ahead but when we decide to put our hands on that rock and start climbing we’ve already made a big change. We’ve committed to the change instead of just talking about it. 

We’ve taken action.

We’ve transformed our mind, in an instant, from someone who sits and blames the world or gets up and does something about it. 

We are on our way. We are ready to tackle a new phase of our life. 

Today is day one.