We bring people into our lives for various reasons. As time passes and growth happens there may be people that end up not being appropriate to share our time with anymore.

Sometimes it is easy to discover the destructive ones but often times we are incapable or unwilling to see when the writing is on the wall.

As relationships progress it’s often important to ask questions about them.

Questions such as:

  • Do they reach out to me consistently or only when they are lonely or need something?
  • Can they share advice and insight in a constructive manner or are they always talking down to me?
  • Do they talk about themselves or their problems constantly and rarely ask how I am doing?
  • Are they present in my time of need or only when convenient for them?

There is only so much time to go around and spending more time with fewer people might not be a bad philosophy as support systems become more important to get us through the hard times.
Deep not wide is an approach to consider in these situations.

As the saying goes, “We are the average of the five people we spend our most time with”.

Choose people that fill up your cup and you theirs. Life is too short for the alternative.